Canada Student Loans Class Action

In early January of 2013, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada admitted to losing personal and financial data belonging to approximately 583,000 Canada Student Loan recipients. On January 17th, Bob Buckingham Law filed a national class action against HRSDC. The law firms of Sutts, Strosberg LLP, Falconer Charney LLP and Branch MacMaster LLP also commenced a class action against the Attorney General of Canada with respect to the same matter.

These four firms will now work together to prosecute the lawsuit against HRSDC.

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BREAKING NEWS:  Canda Student Loans Class Action Update

Published : December 22, 2017

The Canada Student Loans Class Action has settled ,subject to Court approval. For information about the settlement please go to the Notice of the Settlement (English) (French) and the FAQ

Please note all further updates respecting this matter will be posted on the Student Loans Class Action Website.