Labrador Land Protectors


On October 16, 2016 the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador Trial Division issued an injunction restraining persons from impeding lawful entrance to or from the Muskrat Falls construction site and engaging in any other such obstruction of the site or occupation of the site.


Subsequent to the issuing of the injunction a number of Land Protectors were accused of being in Contempt of Court for breaching the injunction.  Mr. Buckingham has been requested to represent individuals who have been accused of being in contempt of the Court Order and who have subsequently received an Order from the Court to appear before the Court to show cause why they should not be held in Contempt of Court.


Bob Buckingham Law is attempting to compile a complete list of Land Protectors who wish the firm to represent them.  If you wish Mr. Buckingham’s firm to represent you please complete the below registration form. 


Please fax or mail any documents you have received to our office:

Bob Buckingham Law

81 Bond Street

St. John's, NL

A1C 1T2

Fax: 709-739-6686

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