Patients' Medical Records Privacy Breach

In 2012, all four of Newfoundland and Labrador's Regional Health Authorities - Eastern, Western, Central and Labrador/Grenfell -  admitted privacy breaches in which the confidential medical files of patients were  improperly accessed by health authority employees.

Class Action Proceedings Initated

Class action lawsuits have been initiated against three of the province's four regional health authorities: Central Health, Eastern Health and Western Health. Bob Buckingham Law has been hired to represent plaintiffs from all three proceedings.

To read the full press releases, statements of claim and other documents relating to these filings, please choose from the following links:
Central Health
Eastern Health
Western Health

If you have received notification from any one of the province's four health authorities that your private medical records were breached and you want to become part of a Class Action, please click the button below and complete the Class Action Registration Form:

Class Action Registration Form

If you have been notified of a breach, but would like more information before registering, please contact us. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, all inquiries are confidential.

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