BREAKING NEWS: December 2019


12.10 -Inmate Sudden Death at Penitentiary

On November 7, 2019 Mr. Buckingham released a Press Release addressing the sudden death at Her Majesty's Penitentiary.

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Court News: May 2019

05.23 - Not-Guilty Verdict Returned in Kenneth Harrisson Trial

Provincial Court Judge Mark Pike returns not-guilty verdict in widely-covered Newfoundland "sex doll" trial. See below for media coverage of the verdict.

Huffington Post, 'Newfoundland Man Found Not Guilty in Trial Over Child-Sized Sex Doll'

The Telegram, 'St. John's man accused of ordering child sex doll found not guilty'

CBC News, 'Sex Doll is porn, but judge finds Kenneth Harrisson not guilty'

VOCM News, 'Harrisson's Reasoning Doesn't Make Sense, But No Evidence to Convict, Says Judge'



Court News: December 2018

12.07 - Not-Guilty Verdict Returned in Steven Neville Trial

After 8 days of jury deliberation, a not-guilty verdict was returned in the St. John's trial of Steven Neville. See below for media coverage of the verdict.

NTV News 'Steven Neville Found Not Guilty of All Charges'

The Telegram 'Neville Not Guilty'

CBC News 'Steven Neville Found Not Guilty in 2010 Stabbing of Doug Flynn'

VOCM News, 'Steven Neville Not Guilty of Second-Degree Murder, Attempted Murder'




The death of Don Dunphy is a tragedy that has affected not only his immediate family and community but the province as a whole. It’s a sign of how close-knit and down-to-earth we are that when one of our own is killed, there is a collective outpouring of grief and outrage. And when that death occurs under troubling and mystifying circumstances, it causes a natural sense of fear and demand for answers and action.

The officer at the centre of the controversy over why and how Mr. Dunphy was killed has not been named, and the investigation is ongoing. Yet on Friday that officer sent a mass email to his colleagues, which has since been released to the media and published and shared widely.

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  Student Loan Class Action 

July 27, 2018: The Canada Student Loans Class Action has settled.  Further details on settlement distribution will be provided at the Student Loans Class Action Website as they become available.

Marriott/Starwood Class Action

Class action lawsuits are currently being considered in response to the serious data breach affecting Canadian clients of Marriott International and Starwood Canada. If you were affected by the data breach, or were a client of either company over the past four years, please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch regarding further action. 

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